About Me

I'm a Kansas City born citizen of Phoenix. I have a passion for both pets and photography, so obviously one of my hobbies is pet photography. I also enjoy flying racing drones and relaxing by campfires. I'm an easy going guy and I assure you that working with me will be a breeze.


I have a deeply held belief that everyone should give back to the community in whatever way they can. Personally, I adopt a street in my neighborhood and I donate my development skills to Support AZ Wildlife.


It's important to never stop learning. I am pursuing a bachelors degree from Southern New Hampshire University in web development. I am currently a member of the SNHU Society of Leadership and Success.


My number one pillar in my life is my family. My wife and I hope to have children. It's important to me to foster a career that offers time to be properly invested in the lives of my future children.


You need a website...now what? First, you should give me a call. Here is a list of things I could do for you.


I will begin with a thorough discussion of your needs. Then, prefer to conceptualize your idea using tools included in, but not limited to, the Adobe Suite.


Once your needs are clear, I will produce an efficient and secure Django-based back-end. Using django allows for rapid development while still providing powerful flexibility.


Simplicity is key. Happiness is guaranteed. We value you as a a customer and every single previous customer will agree. What more do you need to know?

I understand...

You've searched through endless lists of unqualified candidates with unrealistic expectations. I'm happy to be your breath of fresh air.

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My skills

While it's important to specialize, I feel that it is equally important to be well rounded. As such, I have developed a fairly broad knowledge of web development. However, I'm still the "make it work" guy. I specialize in Python development.

Python 100%
Django 98%
HTML 5 90%
CSS 3 90%

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I truly enjoy developing in Python. I'm an easy going guy, but I deliver on time, every time. What more could you want in a partner?


Phoenix, Arizona

Phone Number

+1 816 719 6646

I've been notified. Relax and enjoy some coffee.